Audit & Risk

Chairperson:  Tomasa H. Lipana

Member:  Alfredo B. Parungao

  • Composed of members of the Board of Trustees with accounting, finance and audit background and expertise and training as prescribed by the Corporate Governance Committee and the Board
  • Ensures that accounting and reporting practices of the Association are in accordance with all legal requirements and generally accepted accounting principles
  • Assists the Board of Trustees in assessing the different types of risks to which the Association is exposed

Chairman:  Eduardo V. Francisco

Vice Chairmen:  Conrado F. Bate and Jonathan L. Ravelas

Members:   Jonathan P. Serrano  /  Luis S. Reyes, Jr. / Noel A. Rapadas

  • Provides strategic goals and oversight for educational opportunities to members, consistent with the vision and mission of the Association
  • Determines the educational needs of the membership and identify or develop resources and delivery modalities to address those needs. It performs such other duties and functions as may be conferred by the Board of Trustees in connection with the educational needs of the members of the Association 


Chairman:  Jaime E. Ysmael

Vice Chairman:  Ramoncito S. Fernandez

  • Responsible in providing financial oversight for the Association
  • Responsible to areas of the Association such as but not limited to budgeting and financial planning, financial reporting, and (the creation and monitoring of internal controls) and accountability policies
  • Monitors the Association's adherence to its approved annual budget, set long-range financial goals for the Association which also funding strategies to achieve them, and present all financial goals and proposals to the Board of Trustees for its approval

Corporate Governance and Advocacy

Chairman:  Francisco Ed. Lim  

Vice Chairman:   Romeo G. David

Members:  Jonathan Juan Moreno  /  Jose Jesus Laurel 

  • Composed of members of the Board of Trustees
  • Represents the Board in discharging its responsibility relating to issues around the Association's governance principles and guidelines, provided, that the Corporate Governance Committee does not have decision-making authority, unless such authority is expressly delegated by the Board


Chairman:  Romeo G. David

Vice Chairman:   Jaime E. Ysmael

Members:  Conrado F. Bate Rosario S. Bernaldo Corazon De La Paz-Bernardo Eduardo V. Francisco Ma. Aurora Geotina-Garcia  Benito L. Teehankee Alfredo B. Parungao / Alfred Reiterer 

  • Composed of members of the Board of Trustees
  • Receives, reviews, evaluates and processes all proposals for membership to the Association and shall, thereafter, submit their recommendations to the Board of Trustees for final approval.
  • Officially invites for membership those who have been approved by the Board for acceptance to membership in the Association
  • Recommends to the Board the suspension, expulsion, and/or termination of membership of any member in accordance with the provisions of the Association's By-Laws and the rules and regulations of the Association.  For this purpose, it may require the Treasurer to submit, from time to time, a list of those who are delinquent in the payment of annual dues and/or other assessments. 
  • Performs such other duties and functions as may be conferred by the Board of Trustees in connection with the status of membership in the Association 

Shareholders Relations and Representation

Chairman:  Alfredo B. Parungao

Vice Chairmen:  Romeo G. David and Rizaldy T. Capulong

Members:  Eduardo V. Francisco Conrado F. Bate /Claro G. Gañac Anna Melissa Rosario-Lichaytoo  Tomasa H. Lipana Benito L. Teehankee Wilson T. Young Aaron Co /Gaudencio S. Hernandez Jr.

  • Responsible for the Association's publicity in all aspects of the media
  • Liaises with the various standing and board committees of the Association in order to support and assist the same in the promotion of their activities
  • Represents the Association in any and all media and press releases, events and functions which involves the Association

Nomination and Election

Chairman:  Alfredo B. Parungao

Vice Chairman:  Renato S. De Jesus

Member:  Wilson Young

  • Composed of members of the Board of Trustees but chaired by a member of the Board of Trustees nominated by the members
  • Responsible for the review and evaluation of the qualifications of all persons nominated to the Board and other appointments that require Board approval
  • Conducts regular assessments on the Board's effectiveness in directing the process of renewing and replacing Board members
  • Performs such duties and functions relative to the conduct of the elections
  • Ensures fairness, credibility and be barred from participating in the election
  • Submits the Rules for Election, solicits nominees and acceptance of the nominees


Chairperson:  Ma. Aurora Geotina-Garcia

Vice Chairperson:  Evelyn R. Singson 

Members:  Pacita Juan Tomasa H. Lipana / Corazon De La Paz-Bernardo

  • Responsible for planning and coordinating all conduct of courses, seminars, workshops, conferences, conventions, training modules and events of the Association, in furtherance of its vision and mission
  • Responsible for planning and coordinating of all program activities for the conduct of courses, seminars, workshops, conferences, conventions, training modules and events of the Association


Chairman:  Benito L. Teehankee

Vice Chairman:  Peter Lee U

Members:  Denver Daradar McRey Banderlipe / Edna Delantar / Claro G. Gañac / Outsource students from DLSU/ADMU

  • Responsible in identifying the areas and issues which requires examination by the Association, and for the organization of the initiative for such needed field of research
  • In general, the Research Committee is responsible for developing and supporting the development of research on various issues relating to shareholders' rights
Public Relations and Marketing

Chairman:  William Pamintuan

Vice Chairman:  Wilson Young

Members:  Pacita U. Juan  /  Jose Paolo Delgado /  Francisco Ed. Lim  /  Antonio Lopez


Chairman:  Ramoncito S. Fernandez

Vice Chairpersons:  Corazon De La Paz-Bernardo  /  Tomasa H. Lipana

Members:   Ma. Aurora Geotina-Garcia / Francisco Ed. Lim  /  Evelyn Singson Jaime E. Ysmael  / 

Investors' F.A.I.T.H Award

Chairman:  Conrado F. Bate

Members:  Alfredo B. Parungao  / Ma. Aurora Geotina-Garcia  /  Romeo G. David  /  Benito L. Teehankee / Edna Delantar / Claro G. Gañac

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