Challenges and New Policy Directions for the SEC

Keynote speech of SEC Chairman EMILIO B. AQUINO, Shareholders' Association of the Philippines (SharePHIL) Annual General Membership Meeting, 23 October 2018, Sarika Ballroom, Dusit Thani Hotel

First and foremost, I wish to commend the Officers and Members of Shareholders Association of the Philippines (SharePhil) for their advocacy and dedication towards  the protection of investors and  in taking the cudgels to uphold the interest of  minority stockholders. Like you, the SEC has a certain bias too in seeking to fulfill its mandate to be a champion of investor protection.  To us, these investors refer largely to the small guys, the retail ones who cannot fend for themselves or afford to hire the services of the best law firms to look after their interest. Further, Sharephil’s mission to be a major player in promoting domestic capital market development through advocacy, education and enlightenment of shareholders is in all fours with the SEC’s mandate and thrust.  With our identical interest and advocacy, I look forward to an effective and working partnership with your association.

I am tasked this morning to talk about the Challenges to the SEC Leadership as well as the Policy Directions I intend to take up until the end of my term in 2025.

But before I give you the Challenges I need to hurdle, let me run through very quickly what the SEC is mandated to do. Read More

Private Cryptocurrencies and Lessons from a Red Paperclip

Keynote speech of BSP Governor Nestor A. Espenilla, Jr., Shareholders' Association of the Philippines (SharePHIL) General Membership Meeting and Cryptocurrency: The Truth & The Myth Forum, 12 March 2018, Glass Pavilion, Dusit Thani Hotel

Officers and members of the Shareholders’ Association of the Philippines, guests from the public and private sectors, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon!

It is my pleasure to share the Bangko Sentral’s insights and initiatives on privately-issued cryptocurrencies. I am hopeful that in doing so, we will, as your theme suggests, be able to cut through the “truths and myths” surrounding this fairly novel medium of exchange. Notice though that I make a key distinction as there’s such a thing as central bank-issued digital currency. I’m not going there today as that’s a different conversation all together even as the underlying technology may be similar.

But there it is. Cryptocurrencies are a medium of exchange. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) recognizes this. We have defined crypto or virtual currency as any “form of digitally stored value created by an agreement within the community of virtual currency users.” As far back as 2014, the BSP advised the public of the features, benefits and attendant risks in dealing with cryptocurrency.  Read more

Keynote remarks by Oscar M. Lopez on the occasion of SharePHIL's 2016 Summit

The Lopez Group of Companies, such as it is today, was first established on June 12, 1928 as a dual proprietorship by my father, Eugenio Lopez, Sr. and his brother, former Philippine Vice President Fernando Lopez. It was called E & F Lopez, Inc. Particularly after the Second World War, my father largely took charge of business affairs while my uncle dedicated his life to public service. All the risks and fruits of their businesses were shared 50-50 between them through the next 47 years, till my father passed away. The Lopez Group of Companies today pertain to the Eugenio Lopez, Sr. side of the family. 

My father was one of the leading business figures of his generation. He established his reputation as a leading entrepreneur, first in Iloilo City, then in Manila.  Read more

Keynote speech of Frederico R. Lopez - SharePHIL Summit 2016, 17 June 2016, Dusit Thani Hotel

The legendary Richard Redwood Deupree, the first non-family head of Procter & Gamble who led the company through the turbulent period encompassing the Great Depression and World War II, liked to say this about the company he led:

"If you leave P&G's money, its buildings, its brands, but take away its people, the business will be in real jeopardy. But if you take away the money, the buildings, the brands, but leave the people, it will build a comparable business in as little as a decade." 

I understand precisely what he's saying as I've seen it happen many tiimes in our history as a corporation and as a family. It isn't people per se that allow this to happen but it's when they're galvanized by both purpose and values that the combination becomes extraordinary. Read more

Speech of Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima during SharePHIL's 14 December 2015 GMM

Your association is a very important component of a healthy capital market, and a healthy capital market is very important to the growth of any economy because it is the capital market that allows for the efficient recycling of capital. In the case of the Philippines, even though we have a an old stock market, it is still relatively in its infancy. There are many other components of a healthy capital market, but the stock exchange in the context of the Philippines plays an outsized role right now because of its relative size. And our fixed income exchange, although bigger in volume, is trading mostly government securities. So from a standpoint of value handled from the private sector perspective, the stock exchange plays a bigger role.  Read more

The Shareholders' Rights, Duties and Responsibilities Towards Good Government

Speech of SharePHIL Chair Evelyn Singson at the FINEX Forum on "Moving Ahead with Good Governance"
September 30, 2015

SharePHIL was inspired by the Securities Investors Association of Singapore (SIAS), an organization of retail investors whose success can be measured by its 71,000 strong membership.  SIAS now is a recognized investors’ body that has taken an active role in educating retail investors on how to invest their money and has been proactive in resolving issues between issuers and investors, and in settling inter-corporate disputes peacefully, not in an adversarial manner as it did when it first started.  Its mantra is “disputes are best settled in the boardroom rather than the courtroom”.  Today, SIAS prides itself   as the largest investors’ group in all of Asia.  Read more

Opening Statement SharePHIL 2014 Summit - EVELYN R. SINGSON

Let me retrace a bit of history about  SharePHIL.  SharePHIL had its beginnings in 2006 when the members of the Corporate Governance Committee of the Management Association of the Philippines (MAP)  thought that we should correct the common perception that MAP limits its concerns to issues affecting big business when in fact, MAP covers a wider constituency and its total community includes all internal and external stakeholders of its member companies. Read more 

Good governance: Differentiating ‘world class’ firms from those that are not

Keynote Speech by Manny Pangilinan    |   A SharePHIL Summit on Enhancing Share Value and Protecting Shareholders
June 18, 2014 
|  Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati City

Introduction To Governance

MANILA, Philippines - There is no reason as important and compelling as the matter of ethics and governance, for us to convene today.

I’m a businessman in a country where one local columnist once described business ethics in the Philippines as an oxymoron. How can this be? Perhaps because ethical behavior is not always rewarded, and unethical behavior is rarely punished. We have yet to learn that those who do the right thing will, in the long run, perform better than those who don’t.

Business is finally alive to the hard issues involving governance, following the collapse of global corporations like Enron, Arthur Andersen, Vivendi and, most recently, Lehman brothers. The demise of these companies lies more in their failure in governance, rather than weakness in regulation. Troubled companies too big to fail were finally allowed to crash. Read more

Summit 2014 Speech of British Ambassador Asif Ahmad

When Evelyn and members of the Shareholders’ Association of the Philippines asked me to speak at this event, I agreed for two important reasons. Firstly, in Britain we believe in wider share ownership and the active participation of minority shareholders be they individuals or corporate investors.

The second reason is that Britain and the Philippines already have very strong investment links. British companies are the largest investors in the Philippines from the European Union. Two of the sponsors of this event are British companies doing business here.

What is less known is that almost all of the top ten conglomerates of the Philippines raise their international finance from the financial markets of London and Edinburgh in Scotland.  Read more

Closing Remarks SharePHIL 2014 Summit - Francisco ED. Lim 

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, officers and members of the Shareholders’ Association of the Philippines (SharePHIL), I profusely  thank you all for sharing your  afternoon with us.

When we at the SharePHIL Board first discussed holding this summit, I had my personal reservation basically because SharePHIL is a very young organization.  I felt that we have not yet  gained enough credibility and stature to attract attention and  support.   But the interest and enthusiasm I have personally witnessed - from the time that we started soliciting sponsorships up  to the keynote speeches,  panel discussion and open forum this afternoon – has pleasantly  proven me wrong.  Read more

Improving Financial Literacy and Increasing Financial Inclusion to Sustain Economic Growth

SPEECH OF GOVERNOR ARMANDO M. TETANGCO, JR., SharePHIL 7th GMM,5 November 2014, Dusit Thani Hotel

I am delighted to join you for your 7th General Membership Meeting. For this afternoon, I have been asked to speak on improving financial literacy and increasing financial inclusion. These are critical advocacies of the BSP and I would be more than happy to share my thoughts on these intertwined issues and how these could translate to sustaining economic growth.

But before I get to this topic, let me also express how much I truly welcome the efforts of SharePHIL in making the investing public aware of their rights, duties and responsibilities as stockholders of corporations and institutions. One cannot overemphasize how valuable this agenda is. After all, the rights to information, to speak and be heard, and for redress are inherent rights of all shareholders – whether majority or minority. This agenda therefore makes inclusiveness, or more specifically, financial inclusiveness,  a desired public good. Read more 

Investors’ Rights & Protection

SPEECH OF SEC CHAIR TERESITA HERBOSA, SharePHIL 1st GMM, August 30, 2012, Dusit Thani

Chair Evelyn Singson and President Rosario Bernaldo, officers and members of Sharephil, guests, ladies and gentlemen. Good afternoon. First of all, I would like to thank the Shareholders Association of the Philippines, Inc. (SharePHIL) for this opportunity to talk about “Investors Rights and Protection”.

The question I would like everyone to be able to answer after my talk is: Do Philippine laws on corporations and securities, and the SEC as the implementing and regulatory agency under these laws, adequately protect investors rights in the manner and degree that guarantees them F.A.I.T.H. or fairness, accountability, independence, transparency and honor? But first a -  Read more 

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