• 01 Jun 2017 12:00 PM | Anonymous

    SharePHIL held its 3rd General Membership Meeting (GMM) on June 1, 2017, Thursday, 12 noon at the Sarika Ballroom, Dusit Thani Hotel.

    SharePHIL invited Mr. Dioscoro "Roy" Ramos, Independent Director of BDO Unibank, Inc. to give his insights on how our economy is doing compared to other countries in the region and how it is affected by global and domestic situations. The prospects remain positive amidst headwinds and uncertainties. Roy also shared some of his ideas on ways to improve the country's income. Please click here to view his presentation. SharePHIL Trustees Ed Francisco and Dino Bate participated in the open discussion as panelists.

    SharePHIL Vice President Alfredo "Fred" Parungao, Chairman of the Shareholders' Relations and Representation Committee (SRRC) presented the report on the "Observations on the Conduct of 2016 Annual Shareholder Meetings in Select Publicly-Listed Corporations". VP Fred explained that with SharePHIL’s efforts to strengthen the country’s corporate governance practices, particularly in the conduct of shareholder meetings, it is hoped that trust and confidence in capital markets will increase. 

    We welcome new SharePHIL members who were inducted during the GMM:

    • Edgardo C. Amistad
    • Dioscoro "Roy" I. Ramos
    • Amb. Ana Ines de Sequera-Ugarte
    • Jose Luis U. Yulo

    PHOTOS: click here

  • 21 Mar 2017 1:00 PM | Anonymous

    SharePHIL held its 2nd GMM for the year on 21 Mar 2017 at the Sarika Ballroom, Dusit Thani Hotel.

    Gilberto "Gibo" Teodoro, Independent Director of BDO. was the main speaker with panelists Francisco "Popoy" Del Rosario, Jr (Independent Director of Metrobank) and Ephyro Luis B. Amatong, Jr (SEC Commissioner).

    A MOA with the University of the East was signed during the GMM. UE was represented by Ester Garcia, President and Atty. John Sarte.

    New SharePHIL members inducted were Mr. Teodoro Sazon and Mr. Jose Tayag, Jr.

  • 19 Jan 2017 12:00 PM | Anonymous

    SharePHIL's first GMM for the year was held on 19 Jan 2017 at the Tosca Ballroom, Dusit Thani Hotel. 

    SharePHIL invited SSS President and CEO Emmanuel F. Dooc to talk on the topic "Institutional Investors as Minority Shareholders in Publicly Listed Companies"  His presentation can be viewed here.

    The members of the Board of Trustees for the year 2016-2017 were inducted by Pres. Emmanuel Dooc. The Officers and Trustees are:

    • Evelyn R. SINGSON, Chair
    • Corazon S. DE LA PAZ-BERNARDO, Vice Chair
    • Francisco Ed. LIM, President
    • Alfredo B. PARUNGAO, Vice President
    • Ramoncito S. FERNANDEZ, Treasurer
    • Rosario “Cherry” S. BERNALDO, Trustee
    • Romeo “Romy” G. DAVID, Trustee
    • Eduardo "Ed" V. FRANCISCO, Trustee
    • Ma. Aurora “Boots” G. GARCIA, Trustee
    • Mario “Mar” R. GATUS, Trustee
    • Tomasa “Tammy” H. LIPANA, Trustee
    • Benito “Ben” L. TEEHANKEE, Trustee

    New members were also inducted:

    • Mc Reynald Banderlipe II - PhD Student, Economics, De La Salle Universit

    • Mailene Sigue-Bisnar - Partner, Punongbayan & Araullo

    • Mr. Romana Lara - CEO and owner, MOLEducational Enterprises and EZ Advanced Tech Solutions, Inc.

    • Dr. Rodiel Ferrer- Director Associate Professor, Center for Professional Development in Business Ramon V. del Rosario College of Business De La Salle University

    • Euney Mata-Perez – Managing Partner, Mata-Perez & Francisco Attorneys At Law

    Click here to view photos
  • 02 Dec 2016 9:00 PM | Anonymous

    The SharePHIL Education Committee conducted a half day Corporate Governance Seminar for the college students of Southville International School (SISFU), Las Piñas on December 2, 2016, Friday. The speakers were Trustees Dr. Ben Teehankee and Mr. Romeo David. 

    SharePHIL member, Mr. Denver Daradar hosted the event. Dr. Melva Diamante, SISFU President, gave the opening remark. Associate Dean Amir Tohid and Director of Student Relations, Leo Anoche were also present during the event. 

    Dr. Ben Teehankee gave an overview of corporate governance (CG) and its role in Philippine society. He explained what is good CG and the shareholders' role in CG. Dr. Ben also explained to the students what SharePHIL is all about. 

    Mr. Romeo David, on the other hand, discussed the developments in the New SEC Code of Corporate Governance and SharePHIL's participation in the drafting of the CG Blueprint and the revised code. The seminar was concluded with an open forum where students raised questions by speaking out or by asking through Twitter.

    Click here to view photos

  • 21 Nov 2016 12:00 PM | Anonymous

    SharePHIL held its General Monthly Meeting and Christmas Party on November 21, 2016, Monday, from 12 noon to 2pm at the Sarika Ballroom, Dusit Thani Hotel.

    SharePHIL celebrated Christmas with carols sang by the 92AD choir. There were games, exchange gifts, singing and raffle to bring fun and cheers to all. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, Energy Development Corporation, Maynilad, Victorias Milling, MPTC and Pres. Francis Lim for donating the prizes. 

    Congratulations to all the winners and a Merry Christmas to all!

    Click here to view photos

  • 13 Sep 2016 12:02 PM | Anonymous

    SharePHIL held its Annual General Membership Meeting (AGMM) on 2 September 2016 at the Sarika Ballroom at the Dusit Thani Hotel. The theme for the AGMM is "Minority Shareholder Vigilance and Why is It Important". 

    SharePHIL invited former Securities and Exchange Commission Chairperson Atty. Fe Barin to talk about the theme. She defined vigilance as a continuing attentiveness to the corporation where an investor puts his/her money. Vigilance is important because when a shareholder gives his money to a corporation, he loses control of it and surrenders to the board and management the decision to manage his funds. He becomes a part owner of the corporation.

    To exercise vigilance, a shareholder must know his rights which is enshrined in the Corporation Code. That is why It is important for every  shareholder to read the Corporation Code. Shareholders’ rights can also be found in the Code of Corporate Governance issued by the SEC. A shareholder must also keep himself informed about how the company is growing and have an abiding interest in the activities of the corporation. He must read reports available to him. A shareholder must also establish a good relationship with the company. Before an issue escalates to a real problem, he must make sure to try to exercise the rights granted to him under the Corporation Code in an amicable manner. If he needs some clarifications on issues that are not clear to him or which he thinks may endanger his investment, he must ask the company in the right way and manner.

    “If you are a minority shareholder, don’t think of yourself as a voice of the minority and that they will never listen to you. It’s always worth trying.”

    SharePHIL Vice Chair Cora De La Paz-Bernardo reported about the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Partners Meeting which she attended on 27 July 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand. The meeting was organized by IFC’s Corporate Governance Team. It aimed to serve as a forum for the partners present to share information on the progress of their work to date, potential offerings, exchange lessons learned and provide networking opportunities between the IFC and the regional partners. The IFC Team was led by Chris Razook who was happy to meet someone from SharePHIL because SharePHIL was the first and only organization present in the meeting representing the interest of shareholders. He kept on repeating that the different countries present must also look into organizing something like SharePHIL. Present in the meeting was the Executive Director of ICD and representatives from other Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, China and Mongolia. Predominant in the discussions are the issues on Corporate Governance and Ethics. They discussed the interest not only of private companies but also state-owned enterprises. It is important to look into how government agencies are run because of the impact of these units on how countries develop. There was a diversity of projects in different countries.

    To launch SharePHIL’s Financial Literacy Program, an economic briefing was presented by Mr. Jonathan Ravelas, First Vice President and Chief Market Strategist of BDO Unibank, Inc. and Chairman of SharePHIL’s Education Subcommittee on Financial Literacy. To view his presentation click here.

    Mr. Claro Gañac, a member of the Research Committee and Assistant Professorial Lecturer at the De La Salle University shared his research work on the “State of Corporate Governance among Philippine Listed Corporations.” To view his presentation, click here. His work was also featured in newspapers as follows:

    We welcome new members who were inducted during the AGMM. They are:

    1. Ms. Maria Jasmine M. ALMOGINO - Manager - Corporate Governance Office, Energy Development Corporation
    2. Mr. Aaron Vincent CO - Senior Manager, Investor Relations - SM Investments Corporation
    3. Mr. Claro GAÑAC - Assistant Professorial Lecturer - De La Salle University
    4. Ms. Faith Abigail LUMICAO - Manager, Investor Relations and Corporate Planning - BOD Unibank, Inc.
    5. Mr. Jose Gabriel D. OLIVES - Chief Finance Officer - LT Group Inc.
    6. Mr. Erwin R. OROCIO - Managing Counsel - Downstream & Corporate Secretary - Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corp.
    7. Ms. Koleen PALAGANAS - VP - Internal Communications - SM Investments Corporation
    8. Mr. Richard R. Tan - FVP at Investor Relations and Corporate Planning - BDO Unibank, Inc.

    Congratulations to the 5 SharePHIL Trustees who were elected during the AGMM. The 5 Trustees who will be serving a 3-year term from September 2016 to September 2019 are:

    1. FRANCISCO, Eduardo V.
    2. LIM, Francisco Ed.
    3. SINGSON, Evelyn R.
    4. TEEHANKEE, Benito L.
    5. YOUNG, Wilson T.
    CLICK HERE to view photos.
  • 23 Jun 2016 8:56 AM | Anonymous

    (Climate) change is coming?
    by Francis Lim  /  Published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer on 23 June 2016

    Last Friday, the Shareholders’ Association of the Philippines (SharePHIL) held its third annual summit. The theme of the summit was “Inter-Generational Evolution of Corporate Values” and the keynote speakers were Oscar M. Lopez (known as OML in business circles) and Federico R. Lopez (FRL or Piki) of the Lopez group of companies.

    The father-and-son tandem talked about the Lopez group’s core values: pioneering entrepreneurial spirit, business excellence, unity, nationalism, social justice, integrity, employee welfare and wellness.

    Piki recalled how the group formulated its corporate values. His father, OML, gathered the group seven years ago to identify the key values it treasured the most. According to Piki, “[it] wasn’t a mere wordsmithing exercise but one that involved looking back, introspection, deliberation, and lots of thought about the values that brought us here and whether any of them had a place in our future.”

    But in the course of his discussion on the social justice component of the group’s corporate values, Piki mentioned the following alarming data that caught the attention of the audience:

    1. The year 2015 was the warmest year on record globally and has edged out the previous record of 2014 by a wide margin (+0.16°C, to be precise);
    2. Fifteen of the 16 warmest years on record globally have occurred after the year 2000;
    3. January 2016 was the warmest January on record, February 2016 was the warmest February, and March 2016 was, likewise, the warmest March ever recorded;
    4. April 2016 was also the warmest April on record. It was the fifth consecutive month the global monthly temperature surpassed 1.0°C;
    5. May 2016 was the warmest May on record and the 13th consecutive month that a monthly global temperature record was broken—the longest such streak in the 137 years of record keeping; and,
    6. Temperatures have risen 1ºC compared to pre-industrial times. This means we only have 0.5° to 1°C to go before we exceed the Paris COP 21 commitment of limiting the average global temperature rise to about 2°C. Beyond this threshold, scientists believe the world will become extremely dangerous, such that super typhoon Haiyan (locally known as Yolanda) will be nothing compared to what we will be seeing; and,
    7. The Philippines is bearing a disproportionate share of the devastation being wrought on the planet by climate change. For example, in the annually released Global Climate Risk Index, the Philippines suffered 337 weather-related disasters from 1995 to 2014 followed by Vietnam (225) and Bangladesh (222).

    Relating the data to the Lopez group’s corporate values, Piki said: “If there’s any single issue in the world today that embodies all our seven values, it is the threat of climate change, adapting to it, and changing how we power our lives and economies fast enough so we don’t leave a dangerous and catastrophic planet to our children and grandchildren.”

    “Dealing with it correctly as well as profitably will require every ‘heart, nerve, and sinew’ in the organization coming together to overcome something that today seems inescapable,” he added.

    These are not empty words. The young Lopez, who took over from his father as the chairman of the Energy Development Company (EDC) in 2010, said the geothermal energy arm of the Lopez group “made public our group’s stance that we would no longer consider building, developing, or investing in coal-fired power plants despite the fact that every other business group and bank in the country is doing so, like there’s some kind of gold rush. We’re making it our mission to help the country navigate the challenging transition toward a cleaner decarbonized future. I have no doubt it can be done. The feasibility to do this is already here, it’s simply our mindsets and our conversations that need to change.”

    President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s choice for the secretary of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Gina Lopez, was quoted for her support for renewable source of energy. Gina, Piki’s cousin, has since accepted the offer.

    The big question is: Will the Duterte administration go beyond words and take concrete measures that will speed up the development and use of clean energy for the country?

    After all, the Congress has enacted as early as 2008 the Renewable Energy Act “to effectively prevent or reduce harmful emissions and thereby balance the goals of economic growth and development with the protection of health and the environment.”

    Surely, pro-environment advocates are keeping their fingers crossed that “change is coming,” environment-wise.

    Read more:

  • 17 Jun 2016 4:00 PM | Anonymous

    Manila, the Philippines, June 17, 2016—IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, signed a cooperation agreement with the Shareholders’ Association of the Philippines (SharePHIL) to promote good corporate governance including shareholder protection in the country. A more informed investing public and better-run companies will help create a stronger capital market and entice more foreign investment to the Philippines.

    Under the agreement, IFC will support SharePHIL in educating investors and shareholders of their rights, duties and responsibilities to advance the development of the Philippine capital market. The signing took place as part of a shareholder rights conference in Manila bringing together around 200 participants, including business executives and high-level directors and corporate governance experts.

    “IFC’s support will no doubt help SharePHIL strengthen shareholder protection and contribute to the development of a more robust capital market,” said Evelyn Singson, Chair of SharePHIL. “The promotion and protection of the rights of shareholders, big or small, is good corporate governance.”

    IFC will help SharePHIL develop a corporate governance training curriculum and train other professionals to deliver more workshops. The two parties will jointly organize public seminars and conferences to raise market awareness and develop and publish corporate governance-related knowledge products.

    “By promoting shareholder protection as a good corporate governance practice, Philippine companies can improve their competitiveness and enhance their ability to attract more investment,” said Yuan (Jane) Xu, IFC Philippines Country Manager. “This will in turn lead to more sustainable economic growth in the Philippines.”

    Numerous studies show that investors have greater confidence in companies with good governance and markets backed by sound regulatory regimes. More foreign investment will create jobs, strengthen the business environment, and improve private sector efficacy.

    Evelyn Singson and Atty. Francis Lim, chairperson and president of SharePHIL, respectively, jointly said: “We take the cooperation agreement as a vote of confidence of the IFC in SharePHIL and we look forward to closely working with the IFC on promoting corporate governance and minority shareholder protection in the country. These are so essential to gaining investor confidence in our markets for the good of our country and the general public.”

    The partnership is part of a country program launched recently by IFC to support the Philippines’ efforts to enhance corporate governance. In May, IFC signed an agreement with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission to improve the country’s regulations and investment climate.

    IFC has contributed to the adoption of 95 corporate governance codes, laws, and regulations in more than 30 countries worldwide. IFC’s Corporate Governance Program in East Asia and the Pacific is funded by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs of Switzerland.

    About IFC

    IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, is the largest global development institution focused on the private sector in emerging markets. Working with more than 2,000 businesses worldwide, we use our capital, expertise, and influence, to create opportunity where it’s needed most. In FY15, our long-term investments in developing countries rose to nearly $18 billion, helping the private sector play an essential role in the global effort to end extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity. For more information, visit

    Stay Connected

    About Shareholders’ Association of the Philippines

    SharePHIL is a non-profit association which aims to become a major catalyst in promoting the development of the capital market by advocating education in order to enlighten investors and shareholders of their rights, duties and responsibilities and to promote shareholder activism in a positive way. With an enlightened investing public, more savings will be attracted to the capital markets and all shareholders, big and small, will be conscious about shareholder promotion and protection. SharePHIL completes the institutional governance infrastructure required to promote capital market development and ensures the creation of a level field.

  • 17 May 2016 12:00 PM | Anonymous

    SharePHIL held its 2nd General Membership Meeting (GMM) on 17 May 2016 at the Sarika Ballroom at the Dusit Thani Hotel.

    The theme for this GMM is "The Role of the Investor Relations Officer and the Investor Relations Department".  SharePHIL invited three investor relations officer of publicly listed companies, namely:

    Mr. JoMari Fajardo is the Director for Investor Relations of Globe Telecom. Prior to his current posting, JoMari was connected with the company’s Strategy Execution Office and the Multimedia Business Group. JoMari has over two decades of financial audit, investment banking and private equity experience, working in Philippine and international institutions such as Ayala Corporation, BPI Capital, SGV & Co., HSBC, Commonwealth Development Corporation and Nomura JAFCO. JoMari is a Certified Public Accountant. He obtained his undergraduate and master’s degrees from De La Salle University and the Asian Institute of Management.

    Mr. Erudito Recio, is the Senior Manager of Investor  Relations at the Energy Development Corporation. He has been with the Company since 1981. He was appointed to his current position in January 2007 but has performed his current duties since December 2006. He started with the Company as a Planning Engineer in 1981 and has since held various positions in the Planning & Control Division. He was Corporate Planning Manager from 1993 to 2006. Mr. Recio obtained a B. S. in Management Engineering degree from the Ateneo de Manila University. He completed the Management Development Program of AIM (1996).

    Mr. Judd Salas is the Assistant Vice President for Investor Relations of Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc., where he also handled Corporate Branding, Corporate Communication, Digital Communication, Media Relations and Social Media. He has been with the Aboitiz Group for 16 years, and has been awarded the Don Ramon Aboitiz Award of Excellence, the highest recognition given to team members and team leaders in the Aboitiz Group for their significant achievements and contributions to their respective companies. Prior to joining Aboitiz Equity Ventures, he was the Corporate Affairs Manager at Mead Johnson Nutrition, Corporate Communication Manager at Aboitiz Transport System Corporation, Assistant CFO at Hedcor and Senior Financial Analyst at Aboitiz & Co., Inc. He earned his masters’ degree in Business Administration from Edinburgh Business School at Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom; and his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Philippines in Diliman.

    Each of the panelists shared with SharePHIL members their experiences in their own companies and explained the different ways of keeping the investors informed on how their company is doing. A Q&A followed after their presentations.

    SharePHIL Vice President and Trustee Fred Parungao acted as the moderator and summarized what was discussed by the panelist.

    New members were also inducted during the GMM.  They are:

    1. Mr. Ferdinand Alphonsus A. LIMBO - Management Consultant and Adviser, Special Projects and Talent Management at Q2 HR Solutions
    2. Mr. Gener MENDOZA - President of GNCA Holdings
    3. Mr. Erudito RECIO - Senior Manager-Investor Relations, Energy Development Corporation
    4. Ms. Anne TIONGCO - Corporate Communications Director, Victorias Milling Company, Inc.
    5. Dr. Peter Lee U - Vice Dean, School of Economics, University of Asia & the Pacific

    Photos: click here

  • 18 Mar 2016 12:00 PM | Anonymous

    SharePHIL held its 1st General Membership Meeting (GMM) for this year on 18 March 2016 at the Narra-Yakal Meeting rooms at the Dusit Thani Hotel. 

    The theme for this GMM is "Navigating Global Markets in Turmoil".  SharePHIL invited two panelists to share their knowledge and insights on this topic. 

    Mr. Wilson Sy, Fund Manager at PhilEquity Fund, is the Past Chairman of the Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc. and Manila Stock Exchange, Inc. He has 41 years experience in the stock market, as a stockbroker (Wealth Securities, Inc.) and fund manager (PhilEquity Fund, Inc.). He is author of the book, Opportunity of a Lifetime, which was recently launched. He donated all proceeds from the sale of the book to Ateneo and Xavier School. Mr Sy is also a columnist in the Business Section

    Mr. Jonathan “Jonas” Ravelas, First Vice President and Chief Market Strategist of BDO Unibank, Inc. He joined the Bank’s Treasury Group in 2002 to provide analysis on financial markets and macroeconomic developments in local and foreign economies. Mr. Ravelas has been a leading advocate in creating and running a wide range of educational programs for private and institutional investors, ranging from the basics of financial markets to advanced trading strategies, having worked in the financial markets for almost 20 years. He has delivered numerous lectures in the field of forecasting here and abroad and regularly provides economic commentaries in the Asian Wall Street Journal and in some of the country’s major dailies. He is also a regular commentator on economic and financial market issues on ANC, Bloomberg and BBC.of Philippine Star.

    New members were inducted during this GMM.  They are Mr. Gaudencio Hernandez, Asian Development Bank Executive Director for Kazakhstan, Maldives, Marshall Islands, Mongolia, Pakistan, Philippines & Timor-Leste;  Mr. Jonathan Ravelas, First Vice President and Chief Market Strategist of BDO Unibank, Inc. and Mr. Robert Ramos, Trust Officer and Chief Investment Officer of UnionBank of the Philippines.

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