By Claro B. Ganac, DBA

Objectives of the Study:

  • Determine the state of Corporate Governance(CG) compliance and behavior of Philippine publicly listed corporations (PLC) in terms of power and information governance
  • Explore structural differences in CG compliance levels between homogeneous PLC groups by industry class and firm size
  • Look into the strengths and weaknesses of the corporate governance system


  • The study obtained a total sample of 156 companies, covering about 60% of all PLCs (265 — representing 8.2% margin of error at alpha = 0.05) in October 2015.
  • The sample was randomly selected using proportionate stratified sampling procedure.
  • Power governance data were collected from the 2014 Annual Corporate Governance Reports (ACGR), while information governance from the PSE Edge web portal.
  • ANOVA and Chi-squared tests (on Stata) were run to determine statistical differences in power and information governance between firm groupings.

Presented to SharePHIL Members on September 2016