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SharePHIL is a non-profit association which aims to become a major catalyst in promoting the development of the capital market by advocating education in order to enlighten investors and shareholders of their rights, duties and responsibilities and to promote shareholder activism in a positive way. With an enlightened investing public, more savings will be attracted to the capital markets and all shareholders, big and small, will be conscious about shareholder promotion and protection.

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Articles & Speeches

Keynote speech of Oscar M. Lopez - SharePHIL Summit 2016
Inter-Generational Evolution of Corporate Values - 17 June 2016 - Mayuree Ballroom Dusit Thani Hotel

The Lopez Group of Companies, such as it is today, was first established on June 12, 1928 as a dual proprietorship by my father, Eugenio Lopez, Sr. and his brother, former Philippine Vice President Fernando Lopez. It was called E & F Lopez, Inc. Particularly after the Second World War, my father largely took charge of business affairs while my uncle dedicated his life to public service. All the risks and fruits of their businesses were shared 50-50 between them through the next 47 years, till my father passed away. The Lopez Group of Companies today pertain to the Eugenio Lopez, Sr. side of the family.

My father was one of the leading business figures of his generation. He established his reputation as a leading entrepreneur, first in Iloilo City, then in Manila. Read more

Keynote speech of Frederico R. Lopez - SharePHIL Summit 2016
Inter-Generational Evolution of Corporate Values - 17 June 2016 - Mayuree Ballroom Dusit Thani Hotel

The legendary Richard Redwood Deupree, the first non-family head of Procter & Gamble who led the company through the turbulent period encompassing the Great Depression and World War II, liked to say this about the company he led:

"If you leave P&G's money, its buildings, its brands, but take away its people, the business will be in real jeopardy. But if you take away the money, the buildings, the brands, but leave the people, it will build a comparable business in as little as a decade."

I understand precisely what he's saying as I've seen it happen many tiimes in our history as a corporation and as a family. It isn't people per se that allow this to happen but it's when they're galvanized by both purpose and values that the combination becomes extraordinary. Read more

New term limit for independent directors
By Francis Lim - Philippine Daily Inquirer - 12 May 2016

In an advisory dated March 31, 2016, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) limited the term of independent directors to a maximum of nine years.

The original rule under SEC Memorandum Circular No. 9, series of 2011, prescribed a 10-year term limit. This old rule, more popularly known as the “5-2-5” rule, provided that an independent director shall have an initial term limit of five years, followed by a cooling off period of two years, and then he or she could be elected again for another five years.

After the second five-year term, the independent director will be perpetually barred from being elected as such in the same company. The original rule became effective in 2012.  Read more

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