Standing Committees

Audit & Risk

Chairperson: Tomasa H. Lipana

Member: Alfredo B. Parungao

  • Composed of members of the Board of Trustees with accounting, finance and audit background and expertise and training as prescribed by the Corporate Governance
  • Committee and the Board
    Ensures that accounting and reporting practices of the Association are in accordance with all legal requirements and generally accepted accounting principles
  • Assists the Board of Trustees in assessing the different types of risks to which the Association is exposed

Corporate Governance and Advocacy

Chairman: Francisco Ed. Lim

Vice Chairman: Romeo G. David

Members: Jonathan Juan Moreno / Jose Jesus Laurel

  • Composed of members of the Board of Trustees
  • Represents the Board in discharging its responsibility relating to issues around the Association’s governance principles and guidelines, provided, that the Corporate Governance Committee does not have decision-making authority, unless such authority is expressly delegated by the Board


Chairman: Romeo G. David

Vice Chairman: Jaime E. Ysmael

Members: Conrado F. Bate / Rosario S. Bernaldo / Corazon De La Paz-Bernardo / Eduardo V. Francisco / Ma. Aurora Geotina-Garcia / Benito L. Teehankee / Alfredo B. Parungao / Alfred Reiterer

  • Composed of members of the Board of Trustees
  • Receives, reviews, evaluates and processes all proposals for membership to the Association and shall, thereafter, submit their recommendations to the Board of Trustees for final approval.
  • Officially invites for membership those who have been approved by the Board for acceptance to membership in the Association
  • Recommends to the Board the suspension, expulsion, and/or termination of membership of any member in accordance with the provisions of the Association’s By-Laws and the rules and regulations of the Association. For this purpose, it may require the Treasurer to submit, from time to time, a list of those who are delinquent in the payment of annual dues and/or other assessments.
  • Performs such other duties and functions as may be conferred by the Board of Trustees in connection with the status of membership in the Association

Shareholders Relations and Representation

Chairman: Alfredo B. Parungao

Vice Chairman: Romeo G. David and Rizaldy T. Capulong

Members: Eduardo V. Francisco / Conrado F. Bate /Claro G. Gañac / Anna Melissa Rosario-Lichaytoo / Tomasa H. Lipana / Benito L. Teehankee / Wilson T. Young / Aaron Co /Gaudencio S. Hernandez Jr.

  • Responsible for the Association’s publicity in all aspects of the media
  • Liaises with the various standing and board committees of the Association in order to support and assist the same in the promotion of their activities
  • Represents the Association in any and all media and press releases, events and functions which involves the Association

Nomination and Election

Chairman: Alfredo B. Parungao

Vice Chairman: Renato S. De Jesus

Members: Wilson Young

  • Composed of members of the Board of Trustees but chaired by a member of the Board of Trustees nominated by the members
  • Responsible for the review and evaluation of the qualifications of all persons nominated to the Board and other appointments that require Board approval
  • Conducts regular assessments on the Board’s effectiveness in directing the process of renewing and replacing Board members
  • Performs such duties and functions relative to the conduct of the elections
  • Ensures fairness, credibility and be barred from participating in the election
  • Submits the Rules for Election, solicits nominees and acceptance of the nominees


Chairman: Ma. Aurora Geotina-Garcia

Vice Chairman: Evelyn R. Singson

Members: Pacita Juan / Tomasa H. Lipana / Corazon De La Paz-Bernardo

  • Responsible for planning and coordinating all conduct of courses, seminars, workshops, conferences, conventions, training modules and events of the Association, in furtherance of its vision and mission
  • Responsible for planning and coordinating of all program activities for the conduct of courses, seminars, workshops, conferences, conventions, training modules and events of the Association


Chairman: Benito L. Teehankee

Vice Chairman: Peter Lee U

Members: Denver Daradar / McRey Banderlipe / Edna Delantar / Claro G. Gañac / Outsource students from DLSU/ADMU

  • Responsible in identifying the areas and issues which requires examination by the Association, and for the organization of the initiative for such needed field of research
  • In general, the Research Committee is responsible for developing and supporting the development of research on various issues relating to shareholders’ rights

Other Committees

Public Relations and Marketing

Chairman: William Pamintuan

Vice Chairman: Wilson Young

Members: Pacita U. Juan / Jose Paolo Delgado / Francisco Ed. Lim / Antonio Lopez


Chairman: Ramoncito S. Fernandez

Vice Chairman: Corazon De La Paz-Bernardo / Tomasa H. Lipana

Members: Ma. Aurora Geotina-Garcia / Francisco Ed. Lim / Evelyn Singson / Jaime E. Ysmael

Investors’ F.A.I.T.H Award

Chairman: Conrado F. Bate

Members: Alfredo B. Parungao / Ma. Aurora Geotina-Garcia / Romeo G. David / Benito L. Teehankee / Edna Delantar / Claro G. Gañac