Our Purpose

SharePHIL aims to EDUCATE, EQUIP, and EMPOWER investors to create and build wealth, thus propelling and sustaining socio-economic growth.

Our Goal

SharePHIL’s mission is to be a major player in promoting domestic capital market development through advocacy, education and enlightenment of shareholders.

We are working on getting more Filipinos to invest, for their own financial security, and to grow the retail investor market to 3,000,000 participants by 2025.

What we value

FAIRNESS.  We do what is right, appropriate, and reasonable.
ACCOUNTABILITY.  We are fully responsible for all our actions and decisions, and their consequences.
INDEPENDENCE.  We always strive to be impartial and objective.
TRANSPARENCY.  We foster full disclosure and open communication.
HONOR.  We promote honesty, respect and love of country.