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Junior Philippine Economics Society – Equinomix

The Junior Philippine Economics Society (JPES), a duly recognized national confederation of Economics organizations from different universities and colleges in the Philippines and the junior arm of the Philippine Economic Society (PES), which serves as a liaison between professional Economists and Economics students.

Invited SharePHIL to “Equinomix”, an academic event in relation to RA no. 10922 which declared the policy of the State to develop national consciousness on economics and financial literacy. The event was held at the Waldo Perfecto Room in De La Salle University-Manila last Nov. 10, 2018.

Dr. Ben Teehankee, Chairperson of the Research Committee and Board of Trustee talked about:

· The Roles and Responsibilities of an Investor

· How should an investor manage his investments?

· How should an investor respond to economic crisis?

As JPES envisions itself as one of the leading organizations that unites all economics organizations, produces future economics leaders and provides academic and socio-cultural activities for the Filipino youth, it is expected to sustain a harmonious interaction among the students of economics, the faculty and the administration of the academic institutions wherein the member-organizations are based. To ensure that the relationship among these parties is well-maintained shall be a way to help JPES grow and develop throughout the years.

The growing sophistication of financial markets signifies that consumers are not just choosing between interest rates on two different bank loans or savings plans, but are rather being offered a variety of complex financial instruments for borrowing and saving. There may be times when individuals are not able to select the right savings or investments for themselves, and may be at risk of fraud most especially when they are not financially literate. However, if individuals do become financially educated, then they will be more likely to save and to challenge financial service providers to develop products that truly respond to their needs and that should have positive effects on both investment levels and economic growth.

This event equipped the participants with adequate knowledge and most appropriate skills in producing sound and sensible economic and financial judgments through an informative and interactive learning setting. This has provided the attendees with details about investment, the roles and responsibilities of an investor, stock, crypto currencies, fraud and scams.

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