Metro Pacific Tollways Financial Wellness Program: Money 101- Saving & Investing

OneLife Recap: Money 101- Saving & Investing

OneLife believes that wellness does not only focus on the physical aspect of the body rather, it should take a holistic approach tackling mental, emotional, financial, spiritual, and other aspects.

Last August 16-17, 2018, OneLife in partnership with SharePHIL conducted Money 101: Saving & Investing- a basic financial literacy seminar that will help prepare the employees for financial freedom. SharePHIL is a non-stock and non-profit organization created in 2011 that aims to educate the public about investing and how it can help fuel economic activity and development.

About 85 employees participated in the seminar that taught them the basics of financial literacy discussed by Mr. Jonathan Ravelas. The employees learned how to automate their savings, to build their reserves, to identify the obstacles they encounter in wealth building and how would they address it through SMART goals.

Key takeaways from this learning session are the following:

  • Money amplifies character or lack of it.
  • Saving is a habit, a ritual.
  • Spending is a drug, so be careful.
  • Risk Taking= is a drug too, keep one foot on shore.
  • Character creates TRUST but is not free or easy.

The OneLife team took the opportunity to gather data and responses using the Financial Literacy Survey. The data gathered from the survey will be used as a baseline for future financial literacy programs tailor fit to the need of our employees.

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