How Power Couples Manage Their Stakeholders

Inclusive Governance

Rep. Bayani Fernando, Congressman for the First District of Marikina and Ms. Marides Carlos-Fernando whose partnership in public service transformed Marikina into a first-class city

Cong. Bayani Fernando speaks about the transformation of Marikina City

Synergies Between Profit and Social Good

Mr. Christopher Po, Executive Chairman of Century Pacific Group (Century Pacific Foods, Shakey’s, Arthaland) and Ms. Nanette Medved-Po, President and Co-Founder of Generation Hope

(READ: Nanette Medved-Po Named Chairperson of the Po Family Council, Esquire Magazine)

Complementary Management Strategies

Rep. Mikee Romero of 1-PACMAN and President of the Party List System and Ms. Sheila Bermudez-Romero, Chairperson of F&S Holdings (majority owner of Air Asia Inc.)