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UP JFA’s Philippine Financial Summit (PFS) 2018 – Baguio

The Philippine Financial Summit (PFS) 2018 is the flagship event of UP JFA’s Investment Month 2018. The summit focuses on gathering and empowering students and young professionals from the most outstanding organizations in the Philippines. This year’s focused is on making finance more inclusive in order to reach a wider range of people and help them appreciate and understand the role of finance in their lives.

The Philippine Financial Summit 2018 Baguio Chapter is the first ever gathering of some of the best and brightest minds that Baguio has to offer. Last March 10, PFS 2018 Baguio, which was the third and last regional summit, was held in SLU Maryheights Campus in Baguio City. 750 attendees came together from a wide range of backgrounds for one purpose: to invest in themselves.

The Summit featured esteemed businessmen from a wide range of industries as well as honorable public servants from both the executive and legislative branch. The first to create brighter futures was Mr. Jonathan Ravelas, First Vice President and Chief Marketing Strategist at BDO Unibank. He shed light on wealth fitness and how one can take the first step towards financial freedom through firm financial decisions.

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